Saturday, November 26, 2005

Watertown Christmas Parade of Lights

Main Street, in downtown Watertown, shortly before the Parade of Lights. Not the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but one of those chances for the locals to crawl out of the bars, watch an event.....and then crawl back into the bars.

This was a typical float in the parade. Not really typical, it was the one built by my son's Cub Scout pack. It was actually one of the better floats in the parade.

A horrible mishap? Frosty gone up in flames? No. Just a hot air balloon gondola complete with burners. It's the most popular thing in the parade. Hey, if you can't have big balloons, then this is the next best thing. Really.

5 astute observations :

  1. stuffle said...

    People sure love fire.

    My favorite part is the clown-ish guy with the bit aluminum wheel. I seem him at Summerfest from time to time, also.

    My other favorite is, of course, the HS band since my daughter marches.

  2. richmanwisco said...

    I got a pic of him, but it wasn't good enough. My son was on cymbals and sandwhiched between two bass drums...i couldn't see him

  3. Marpla-Barcelonauta said...

    isn´t it too soon for christmas parades?

  4. richmanwisco said...

    except that christmas parades really aren't about christmas. you see, thanksgiving comes 3.5 to 4 weeks before dec 25 which makes for a nice, tidy shopping season. this period of time will make or break retail stores, so they got the idea at least 65 years ago that they needed something to grab the peoples' attention, and to get them into their stores. what better way than to take the department store santa, put him on a float, make it entertaining for the kiddies, and march his fat butt right onto the throne in the store. and then watch the harried parents pile in right behind him. no movie better treats the xmas shopping season than "a christmas story". it's a classic because it's so true.

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