Saturday, January 21, 2006

Winter, Part 2

A view of my backyard after a fresh 5 inches of snowfall last night.

3 astute observations :

  1. sparkee said...

    Nice back yard, Rich. Lets make snow angels, poopsie LOL

  2. Callisto said...

    This is a great photo, it makes me want to be where there is snow.

    When I was growing up we lived for a while were it would snow maybe one or two times a year. Most of the time the snow only threatened and it was just COLD. When it did fall the snow rarely amounted to much, still I used to wake every winter morning hoping it would be white outside.

    Thanks for your kind comment at my site, I'll be seeing you around.

  3. richmanwisco said...

    Thanks for stopping by callisto. We had a snowy december, but then a thaw, so now we're white again....for now.