Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kentucky Strip Mall

Near Pikeville, Kentucky. Not much more than a hodge podge collection of flea market stands, only in slightly more permanent buildings. An Army-Navy store, a small shoe store, antiques shops.

The toys? Right next to the knives. Would like some what-nots with that? Denise? She don't work here no more.

Thing that struck me about this part of Kentucky was the general sense of neglect. A building or a sign or a park that was nice when it was new is allowed to just decay away. Sure, it's a poor part of the country, but there was still a sense of pride in the people I talked to. And yet it just seems to be part of the ethos. Sure it's a poor part of the country, but don't call the people complacent or lazy. So what is it?

Insurance? Stopped selling that years ago. I have some nice begonias though if you like.

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