Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Oasis of Creativity

Deep below the terminals and aprons at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is an exhibit of contemporary African art. If you take the train between Concourse A and the Main Terminal, you will miss it entirely. It's an oasis of creativity in an otherwise utilitarian structure. I had an opportunity during a recent visit to spend some time examining these exquisite sculptures.

"Welcome Baby", by Agnes Nyanhongo, Zimbabwe.

"The Peacemaker", by Gedion Nyanhongo, Zimbabwe.

"Generation Pyramid", by Gedion Nyanhongo, Zimbabwe.

"Woman Showing Traditional Salute", by Edronce Rukodzi, Zimbabwe.

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2 astute observations :

  1. Anonymous said...

    I like the last one a lot.

  2. Lucky Star said...

    Those are really beautiful.