Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Welcome Sign

After connecting through Cincinnati, and a dramatic landing on a runway scraped off the top of the mountain, you are greeted upon exiting the airport at Huntington, West Virginia, by this sign.

To suggest this resembles a Boy Scout Eagle project may just be an insult to Boy Scouts. (Can you find the upside down letter?)

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3 astute observations :

  1. Bored Insomniac said...

    I see the upside down "N" in the second Wayne. Scary to think about the person they paid to make that sign.

  2. Callisto said...

    It's so rustic.


  3. richmanwisco said...

    Thanks for stopping by, bored....or maybe scarier the people that chose the guy to make that sign.

    and always great to see you, cal.