Saturday, July 21, 2007

What You Missed While I Was Away

Or, "You Won't Believe What Seven Days Offlline Will Do To Your Sanity".

Okay, I confess. I kept up with stock quotes via cell phone. I never realized how clunky internet access over an everyday cell phone can be.

Oh yeah, this is Little Manitou Falls on the Black River in Pattison State Park, near Superior, Wisconsin. We had a blast this week, most of it spent doing nothing at all. Our time was split between Pattison State Park and Perrot State Park on the Mississippi River near Trempealeau, Wisconsin. More pictures to come, of course.

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1 astute observations :

  1. Callisto said...

    "You Won't Believe What Seven Days Offline Will Do To Your Sanity"

    Believe me, I know.