Friday, January 11, 2008

Why Jon Stewart Doesn't Need Writers

So here I am, catching an early flight home, and I'm sitting in a Corky's stand at Memphis airport, eating a mediocre rib dinner, the tube tuned to the unctuous Glenn Beck looking especially smug. I'm a captive audience, I have no choice. So on comes a bit about Joy Behar of "The View" (a show which I never watch, for a number of reasons) and how she suggests that the saints of yesteryear just weren't quite right in the head. Welllll.....Beck says, in his typical clownish disbelief, who is REALLY the crazy one here? We're gonna show Ms. Behar just how crazy she is, by gumby. So who does he roll out to provide the most credible argument in favor of saints? That's right, sports fans! None other than good old Bill Donohue, chief shill of all that is wingnut in this country. Now that's comedy!

I bet Jon Stewart is pissed. How can he compete with that?

Joy Behar Suggests Saints Were Mentally Ill |

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