Friday, September 17, 2010

George N. Parks 1953-2010

You cannot overstate the impact that George N. Parks had on tens of thousands of young musicians during his 35 year career. His brilliance as a performer was eclipsed by his passion for education, becoming the director of the University of Massachusetts Marching Band at age 26 and leading that band to the Sudler Trophy. But he never stopped there. His clinics and academies touched thousands. He worked with high schools all over the country. I had but a one week exposure to George at his drum major academy in 1981. It was there that I saw the Garfield Cadets and put my name on their mailing list, leading to two seasons of amazing experiences. It was my drum corps experience that enabled my membership into the Penn State Blue Band. So, indirectly, I have George to credit for opening up musical experiences I had only dreamed of.

George passed last night at the far too young age of 57. The entire music community will miss him.

1 astute observations :

  1. Fran said...

    I hope that the networks that broadcast the Mich vs UMASS football game have the respoect to show the half-time show of the UMASS Minuteman Marching Band.

    If they don't and only continue with talking heads and show commercials that nobody pays attention to, it would be a shame.

    George Parks for a number of years has always want to perform at the Big House. The Network should at least show this performance.