Friday, July 01, 2005


Well, here we go. Welcome to my blog. My very first blog. Okay, nobody ever accused me of being an early adopter. I work as a Training Specialist for a software company located in southeastern Wisconsin. Yes people, there's more to Wisconsin than just cheese and beer. And yes, we do have tech in the midwest. I've had the good fortune of having traveled across this great nation, and even some other countries around the world. Just recently I started taking my digital camera with me on the road. The response I've gotten from the people who have seen my photos has been positive, and I'm hoping a blog will be a better way of getting the pictures out there. I guess flicker would work, too, but I haven't checked that out yet. Anyway, my camera is a Kodak Easyshare LS743. It's a good basic shooter, with a good Auto setting yet enough features to give you as much control over the shot as you want. Like I said in the description, I don't intend to get very political, but then again, I might. I will also endeavor to highlight some of those things that I'm interested in. I think if you hang around long enough, you'll get to know me fairly well. That's all for now so again, welcome, and enjoy.

2 astute observations :

  1. Marpla-Barcelonauta said...

    will be reading then. hope you come by my blog. It´s in Spanish, but at least you can see the pictures

  2. richmanwisco said...

    Thank you very much for stopping by. I'm doing what I can to make the world a little smaller. And I know just enough Spanish to figure things out.