Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bug Bites

The view from the campsite. About 400 feet above the Wisconsin River looking north toward Prarie du Chien.

Wind + farm = Windfarm. Or something like that.

Have Spanish Conquistadores landed in Prarie du Chien? No, just the replica of the Columbus era caravelle, the "Nina".

Which end is up? Kickapoo Indian Caverns, Wauzeka, Wisconsin.

Driving out....air conditioning required....the views from the vistas are stunning....a relaxing evening stewing in the humidity.....midnight thunderstorms....morning hike climbing more vertical feet than I ever care to....touched the ground in Iowa for the very first time....yes, Iowa! nite, campfire more than just eye candy....pancakes, sausage and coffee, 'nuf said....we wish we rented the canoe for more than an hour....despite all attempts at camoflage, we found the cave....42 bug bites on left leg alone, wish I knew what the hell they were....some guy named Roberts nominated to Supreme....last day wake up dry, then it rains.....and rains....blows away breakfast...we pack up wet, have p-b-j's for our meal (with coffee, dammit) and head home....stop off at camper dealer on way home, this tent thing is starting to get old.

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