Saturday, April 01, 2006

Announcing Rich's Quest For Flight

In the not so distant past, life milestones for the ordinary person came and went without a whole lot of notice. Now, in the blog world, the word can be issued forth to a worldwide audience. Naturally there's no guarantee that the entire world sees this, in fact, this site's had just under 3000 hits in the nine months since I've started.

Anyway, to the purpose of this post. After many years, I finally have the opportunity and the resources to accomplish one of my life's goals. Starting Wednesday, I start down the path to earning my pilot's license. And to document the process, I have started a new blog, Rich's Quest For Flight. It'll be as comprehensive an account of the process as I can muster, serving two purposes. First, a personal journal made public, like most blogs, and second, to help future pilots following behind me.

It's quite a different purpose than this blog, which is why I started it. This Blog Title For Sale will continue with my photography, food reviews and poor attempts at wry wit. Thanks again to all of my loyal readers, and I look forward to serving you all for a long time to come.

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