Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Bunch of Crap

I get so angry that I don't know where to start. Just like Dr. Phil, I really try to avoid politics. But something like this comes around and just gets me to seething. You see, the Republican party has officially endorsed the creationist notion of Intelligent Design, and they want it taught as science. And to top that, they declare evolution to be a myth. Imagine that? What nerve. To simply dismiss the work of generations of scientists simply by decree? Next thing you know, a senator from Oklahoma will declare that global warming is fiction.

All you need to know about Intelligent Design is this: it comprises theories which cannot be proven. Anything that cannot be proven through testing by the scientific method is, by definition, not science.

Pause for irony. The early scientists took up their studies as a means to explain how the creator did what he did. Even Einstein was a theist. Now scientists are the enemy.

But if it were only an argument over how science is taught, we can live with the subsequent fight and ultimate defeat of ID. But it's not. It's the continuing and systematic drive toward a theocracy in this country, a country founded by enlighted men who knew the danger of favoring one ideology over another. The evangelicals believe morality was invented by the church and therefore you cannot be moral outside the church. History suggests otherwise.

Pause for irony #2. President Bush held a photo op to explain his veto of a federal stem cell research bill surrounded by children born from frozen embryos. Many of them were conceived through artificial insemination. Back in the 1970's every religious faction fought artificial insemination as immoral and unnatural. And now they are celebrated by a theocratic president.

I used to consider myself a Republican, but they ceased representing my views years ago. Perhaps this ideological nonsense will fracture the party resulting in a republican party more reflective of the views of a majority of its consitituents. Thanks for giving me the chance to vent. I can't allow this country to lose their leadership in science because of our government. Feel free to comment.

Science is not partisan. Science is reality. Evolution is science. Evolution is reality.

Please read the article.
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  1. Callisto said...

    It makes me crazy that religion influences political decision. So much for representation.

    An example here, that pissed me off a great deal, was the hitting on the head of the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act, that was passed in the Northern Territory, which led to the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia in the NT.

    But the NT legislation was overturned by the Australian Parliament using a Private Members Bill, (this Bill was created by a conservative, Catholic pro-lifer) which was the subject of a conscience vote. My Member of Parliment voted in support of the Private Members Bill, even though he stated publicly that he believed the majority of his constituents would be against it.

    I'm with you Rich!