Monday, November 12, 2007


I had a little extra time before a return flight from Cincinnati (which was cancelled, but that's another post), so I remembered there was an observation area where you could park and watch the planes come and go, which I like to do.

And there was this sign. The synapses started firing.

Somebody in 1978 decided to erect a marker noting the "Center of Population" on what is now a major airport.


Are there signs just like this throughout the country noting the "Center of Population" for each 10 year milestone? What would these look like on a map?

What if the CoP doesn't move in 10 years? Do they put up two signs?

How much taxpayer money went into casting this sign?

What sign lost its funding in favor of this sign?

How many school buses full of third graders have stopped at this sign?

How do you figure out a CoP anyway? Do you stick a pin in map for each citizen and....ouch, my head just started hurting.

What poor bastard drew the short straw for that assignment?

Do you have questions of your own? Leave a comment.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Actually your blog reminded me of something I would ruminate upon. LOL... think it marvelous.