Saturday, April 26, 2008

Megastar 2.1

This week, I had the pleasure of taking the family to see Blue Man Group perform their "How To Be A Megastar 2.1 Tour" show at the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin. We've been fans of Blue Man Group for some time, and having missed their show in Milwaukee last year, jumped at the chance to see them in Madison this time around. We even decided to splurge the extra money to get floor seats, and we weren't disappointed.

We were familiar with their work from seeing their prior concert shows on television, and we own their CD "The Complex". We were lucky enough to score floor seats in row 7 even though I ordered the tickets the day after they went on sale.

The show was a rework of "The Complex" tour, with an instructional video providing a loose structure to the show. A monotone, unseen announcer directs the Blue Men on their way as well as engaging the audience. The Blue Men themselves use intense eye contact to draw the audience into the show. During one sketch, one Blue Man chucks marshmallows out into the crowd. He turned toward our section and I actually stood up and pointed to my mouth! He tossed a marshmallow at me and I tried to catch it in my mouth only to have it glance off my cheek!

Most of the music in the show was from their CD "The Complex" with some additional music (notably a cover of The Who's "Baba O'Riley") and it was expertly played by a backup band consisting of 3 percussionists, 2 guitarists, a bassist, keyboardist and vocalist. The show lasted just over 90 minutes and there were no noticeable breaks. It was nonstop from beginning to end. There were only about 6,000 in attendance, which was a little bit of a downer, and the vibe was different than your big time arena act. But this was a different experience than just a pure rock show. This was performance art, comedy, music, and a bit of theater. We had a blast. It was well worth the money. I do hope that BMG will put together another album of original work ("The Complex" was released in 2003) and create another concert show.

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  1. Ariel said...

    But... it's not all blue! I can see red too, and other colours. Maybe you should ask for a refund on the grounds of 'misleading advertising'. Or something.