Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First Game Of The Year

Time to load up the cooler and the grill and some chairs and head to the park. And what a beautiful day it was for a baseball game. The Brewers hadn't been doing well leading into Sunday's game against the Washington Nationals, but hey, they can't lose eight in a row, right?

So we get there and unpack the truck. Cooler, chairs, buns and rolls. Wait a second. Where's the regulator for the grill?

Stadium food, AGAIN!

So we sat in the lot for a while, soaking in some sun, and eating chips and grapes.

We splurged a little for better seats this time. Behind the plate and below the press box. It was a perfect day for baseball indeed. Only problem was the Brewers lost ugly again, dropping their eighth straight to the Nationals, 8-4.

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4 astute observations :

  1. Callisto said...

    Now that is just like, well sorta like, going to the cricket at the SCG!!

  2. richmanwisco said...

    very close, indeed...i've always wanted to see a cricket match, perhaps you could explain the fine points some time....and since sunday the brewers have won their last two games

  3. Callisto said...

    Cool about the Brewers winning. I started a mini cricket tutorial for you some time ago but... it got left behind when my mind dragged me off on some other tangent... must dig it up and complete it.

  4. richmanwisco said...

    I think I'm aware of the basic play and all...what I want to know is how to really enjoy a match, if you know what I mean. :)