Monday, August 21, 2006


A benefit of travel (contrasted against all of the time away from home and family) is that once in a while I visit a town that is home to a professional baseball club. Which then gives the opportunity to catch a ball game. Baseball, on the surface, is not a particularly exciting game. I heard the other day the latest measurements of how long the ball is actually in play, and it is something like 9 minutes for a whole game.

I had a chance this month to attend two minor league games, one at Applebee's Park in Lexington, Kentucky, and the other at Canal Park in Akron, Ohio. And once again I was reminded why I enjoy attending baseball games more than other sports. It's not just about the game, it's about how we pass the time. Other sports may have passed baseball in popularity, but none will ever beat baseball as our national pastime.

The intimate surroundings facilitate access to the players. The most notable player for the Lexington Legends is Koby Clemons, the son of Roger Clemons. You might recall the elder Clemons made two starts for the Legends during his training prior to rejoining the Houston Astros earlier this year. Only a small percentage of these kids will ever see "the show", but at this level, optimism reigns supreme.

Life as an umpire is a lonely one at any level, but more so at Class A level by a factor of 2. Yep, only two umps for these games. I wonder what their per diem is?

Dad: Now son, a team scores a run when a player goes around the bases and reaches home.

Son: Why do they have to do that?

It's easy to upgrade your seat for free when most of them are empty to begin with. Not that it's a problem. I sat by the dugout in both stadiums for $10.

Located at the edge of downtown Akron, Canal Park has a striking view of the surrounding buildings. Don't stare too long at the scenery or you risk a batted ball right in the puss.

The sun sets on the third base side of the stadium, but rest assured that it will rise over the first base stands tomorrow morning.

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    Dont know anything about baseball, but those guys just look sexy in those tight pants......