Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mother Said You Would Have Days Like This

This is the view of the airplane I was to take from Huntington, West Virginia to Cincinnati this morning, en route to Milwaukee and home. If it were only that simple.

The day started on the wrong foot before I even left the hotel (which, due to a travel schedule foul up, wasn't expecting me for another day) when I couldn't find my rental car keys. I practically tore up the room looking for them until, upon removing my shoe from the suitcase, I remembered the keys were in the shoe. Luckily, I allowed 15 minutes for finding lost keys, so no jeopardy there.

But I had difficulty finding the car. It was very, very foggy. Things didn't auger well.

Checked in at the airport, I passed through security and sat to wait in the cattle pen known as the boarding area. And waited. And waited. The nice young lady at the counter said that while they will delay the flight (Cincinnati was shut down due to the same fog), it won't be canceled. During the wait, the nice folks at Delta proactively rebooked my connection from Cincinnati to Milwaukee since the original flight was canceled there, too. (One thing Delta is very good at is proactive rebooking.)

A weak wi-fi signal gave me temporary entertainment during the wait until the moment came when the crew deplaned and closed the boarding door. I didn't need an announcement, I hustled over to the gate agent to get rebooked once again. Now I will be flying US Airways through Charlotte and then to Milwaukee, arriving at 5:30 this afternoon, or eight hours after my originally scheduled time.

They have a nice little cafe here. I think I'll have lunch. Last time I was through here, my flight was cancelled, I was booked through Charlotte and waited there for 3 extra hours due to thunderstorms. I may just need some good greasy nourishment to get through this one.

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2 astute observations :

  1. Aesthetic said...

    Good greasy nourishment... nature's wonderous cure-all!

  2. Frick said...

    What a day, at least it wasn't on a Friday when all you want is to get home.
    Now a days air travel is nothing more than Greyhound for the sky.