Sunday, February 04, 2007

What The Fuss In Boston Was All About

So this is what the fuss in Boston was all about. A movie. With a milkshake, a large ball of meat, and a box of fries. Funny stuff by the way. I'm a huge fan.

I watched only a little of the coverage cycle, and I was quite bemused. The marketing folks placed dozens of the little signs (showing Ignigknokt flipping the bird) in nine cities, and it seemed none of the other cities had a real problem with it. Yet here we see the mayor of Boston, in a crass play of the fear card, demanding terrorist charges against the men who placed the signs in his city. Who's to blame for the panic? Was it Turner Networks (parent of Cartoon Network)? Or was it the failure to accurately assess what turned out to be no threat at all? What will they do next, ban the movie?

Meantime, I wish I were at the staff parties at the production company. They just hit the goldmine of publicity. And at a terrific discount.

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