Friday, October 12, 2007

Report from the Road

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, it struck me that I don't write much about life on the road. I suppose something that is rather mundane and work related ought not be very interesting to the general public. But I also spend time reflecting and introspecting (read: talking to myself), and sometimes I find myself uttering things that are marginally profound. So here's some thoughts about this week.

In order to save the client some airfare, I flew to Panama City, Florida, instead of straight into Dothan, Alabama. That's what happens when only one airline serves a city, it really serves nobody but itself. A 90 minute drive through the heart of redneck country. Red soil and roadsides littered with decaying shotgun shacks. Some kick ass classic rock to keep me sane. Could be a lot worse. Like next month when I fly into Evansville, Indiana to drive 2 hours to Madisonville, Kentucky. No good radio there.

The only thing they talk about on the sports radio station is college football. Period. I now know more about the playing tendencies of 'Bama's left tackle than anybody north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Food. I normally eschew chains. But there are some higher end chains with excellent food. Bonefish Grill is one of them. If their food comes off a Sysco truck, you couldn't tell. The quality is great and the atmosphere and service are top notch. Another high quality chain is Legal Sea Foods, but you'll only find them along the east coast.

More random thoughts down the road.

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