Monday, October 08, 2007

Science and the Campaign

Being a tail-end Baby Boomer, I remember how technology and science research received high priority at the national level. And it seemed that both major political parties were firmly aware how our lead in science and technology made us a stronger nation against our avowed adversary, the Soviet Union.

But since then, special interests have conspired to erode our lead, and allow other nations (some unfriendly) to catch up with the United States and threaten our economic standing and way of life. Not to mention the health and well being of millions of my fellow citizens, including children.

I place technological education and advancement very high on my list of desired attributes for our next president. Any candidate who discounts the 150 years of scientific research supporting evolution is disqualified from receiving my vote.

In the article below, Dr. Phil tells us about a great example of what we should be hearing from a candidate to address my concerns and those of the scientific community. And not just because we learn more about the world around us, but because it makes our economy stronger. And like Dr. Phil, I have not made any decision yet about who I am going to vote for. But wouldn't it be nice if more candidates pledged to support science like Hillary Clinton?

Bad Astronomy Blog » Hillary Clinton on science

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