Monday, February 20, 2006

Could This Be Ebay 2.0?

For those who have shopped on ebay or listed their stuff on Craigslist, you know you're dealing with a middleman in the transaction. Imagine that you can list stuff you want to sell just by posting to your blog, then have a service that can sniff your blog and aggregate all listings in a central location. Someone sees your stuff and comes directly to you and seals the deal. No middleman. You keep 100% of the proceeds. That day is here, and Jeff Jarvis gives a review.

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2 astute observations :

  1. Anonymous said...

    ummm... on craigslist, how is there a middleman in the transaction?

    also, note my comment in Jeff's entry regarding dealing with scams and blog spam.



  2. richmanwisco said...

    You're right in the strict sense that Craigslist is free. However, you still have to place your content on a third party site. You still have to adhere to that sites policies and formatting restrictions. So in that sense you are not totally free to advertise your goods as you want. Thanks for stopping by.