Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Momentous Upset

After I had just posted about coverage of the Olympics, we have witnessed an upset in Olympic hockey matched only by the USA beating the USSR in 1980. Canada, the gold medal favorite, was just beaten 2-0 by Switzerland. That's right, SWITZERLAND! Their goalie, Martin Gerber, did everything but sharpen the skates for the Swiss, saving every one of the 49 shots that Canada put on him. So now, after years of being the joke of the tournament, the Swiss are now in the middle of the medal chase.

Hey big media! There's your story. NOW CHASE IT!!

(Somewhere, Don Cherry is doing backflips.)

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2 astute observations :

  1. fortitudo said...

    hi..mayb u can clarify wad u ar tryin 2 sey?

  2. Callisto said...

    As a rule Australians love sport but most importantly we love winners, however it is a "tad" embarrassing that one of Australia's only gold medals at the winter olympics was won by the speed skater Steven Bradbury, when the rest of the finalists fell. But, you know, good on him!