Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm Ashamed to Say I Used To Live There

In the "this would be funny if it wasn't true" category, our winner this week is New Jersey Assemblyman Peter Biondi. I don't know what's worse: that someone would propose such a turd, or that anybody can be this stupid. Says Jeff Jarvis:
Assemblyman Biondi: My name is Jeff Jarvis. I live in your state. In fact, I live in your own district. What a coincidence, eh? Well, I will vote against you. Again. I will campaign against you. I will stand on streetcorners to tell my neighbors what I think of you. You are a blooming idiot. I get to say that because this is America, damnit.

Your idiotic bill is a violation of my rights of free speech and privacy. It is utterly impossible to enforce. It contradicts federal law in Section 230 of the Communcations Decency Act, the only section of that act that was left standing by the Supreme Court.

BuzzMachine - Blog Archive - NJ's dumb bill on anonymity

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